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From the moment you are contacted concerning what appears to be a criminal investigation involving yourself, or you are arrested or charged with a crime, your criminal case has commenced. It is extremely important that in order to protect your legal and constitutional rights, you IMMEDIATELY contact a criminal defense attorney to explain to you the criminal process and to assist you in the defense of your rights. Attorney Stanley Marks offers a complimentary phone consultation. A simple phone call can change your life. Make sure to leave your full name and contact information when you call and you will receive a call back promptly should no one be available when you initiate the first phone call.

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The Law Office of Stanley H. Marks is located at 1733 High St, Denver, CO 80218. As a Federal and State Criminal Defense Attorney based in Colorado, Mr. Marks has handled numerous cases in state court and federal court throughout the United States. In Attorney Marks’ years of experience in the practice of criminal law he has handled thousands of cases covering almost every facet of criminal law.

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If you are accused of a federal drug crime in Colorado, look for trial experience in a Denver federal defense attorney. The many years of courtroom trial experience have resulted in high level of expertise that Mr. Marks brings to the representation of his clients. Mr. Marks defends his clients by using his exceptional ability to come to solutions that uniquely fit each case.

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Abogado De Defensa Criminal En Denver Ayudando A Clientes En Espanol

Si usted ha sido arrestado, y no habla inglés, el abogado de defensa criminal en Denver lo puede ayudar. Lleva más de 40 años ayudando a clientes de habla hispana, y previniendo su encarcelamiento. Si usted necesita ayuda legal en español, puede llamar al 702-946-2766, y obtendrá una consulta gratis en su idioma con el abogado de defensa criminal Stanley Marks.

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Stanley H. Marks

Stanley has been a practicing criminal law attorney for in excess of 50 years. He is one of the founders of the Colorado Defense Bar, the largest criminal defense organization in Colorado. He has been admitted by motion in over 35 state and federal jurisdictions in the United States wherein he has handled a wide variety of criminal cases including cases involving the use of firearms and other deadly weapons. In defense of these cases he has utilized affirmative defenses related to self-defense, defense of property and various state “Make My Day Laws.”


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